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Eye of the Needle

I don’t do many DVD or Blu-Ray commentary tracks anymore, in part because fewer are being produced. But when the nice folks at Twilight Time call, I usually participate. First, because Nick Redman and Julie Kirgo are such fun partners in front of the microphones, always so informed and prepared; and second, because they often are looking for a bit more depth on the composers and scores. In the case of Eye of the Needle, the 1981 thriller starring Donald Sutherland and Kate Nelligan, I enjoyed talking about composer Miklos Rozsa and one of his last feature-film scores.

Born Free

It’s sad that the 1966 film Born Free seems to have fallen into obscurity. It’s really a wonderful film, based on the true story of an English couple who adopt and raise an orphaned lion cub in Kenya but then must teach her how to survive in the wild. I was delighted that the folks at Twilight Time asked me to participate in a commentary track, specifically to talk about John Barry’s music, which won Oscars for Best Song and Best Score. Prior to Born Free, Barry was primarily known as composer for the James Bond films; these were the first of five Oscars he would ultimately win for his classic film music.