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Interviewing Mike Post

MikePostandJonMike Post is widely considered the most successful composer in the history of television, having scored more than 6,600 hours of TV over the past 45 years — and winning four Grammys and an Emmy for his TV themes along the way. On Wednesday I conducted an hour-long Q&A with Mike at L.A.’s downtown Jonathan Club about his extraordinary career, including how he met producers Stephen J. Cannell (The Rockford Files, The A-Team), Steven Bochco (Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue) and Dick Wolf (the Law & Order franchise) and wound up composing the memorable themes and dramatic underscores for all those shows.

Alan Silvestri’s Harmonic Priorities

BMI asked me to profile Alan Silvestri during the summer of 2010. He was just about to start music for The A-Team, but I was anxious to talk about the role of technology in a film composer’s life, his wonderful Christmas carol for Andrea Bocelli — and the unique thing about Silvestri, which was the fact that he also owns a successful winery. (And those wines have won numerous industry awards.)