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Music in “Julie’s Greenroom”

Coming under the category of “boy, do we need it now” is the new children’s series demystifying the arts, Julie’s Greenroom on Netflix. It’s the creation of Julie Andrews and her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton and each half-hour episode explores a different facet of the theater, from writing and acting to costumes and music. There are songs and score in each show, so for this story in Variety I interviewed music director Bill Sherman, composer Ryan Shore and songwriter Shaina Taub. At a time when arts funding is threatened on both national and local levels, this show is really special and deserves our support (and anyway, there are Muppets in it!).

At the Newport Beach Film Fest

It was a fun day at the Newport Beach Film Festival, where I moderated a 90-minute panel of film and television composers discussing “The Art of Music in Visual Media.” From left to right, they included Jason Miller (The Odd Couple), Matthew Margeson (Kingsman: The Secret Service), JB, Ryan Shore (The Millionaires’ Unit), Roque Banos (the upcoming In the Heart of the Sea) and Tyler Bates (Guardians of the Galaxy). We covered everything from the current climate for composers in media to nuts-and-bolts issues like budgets and compressed time schedules. Thanks to Ray Costa for putting this together and inviting me.