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Film Music Foundation interviews

Over the past eight years, the Film Music Foundation has been interviewing composers and others active in the movie-music business — getting down their life stories, their career anecdotes, their thoughts about this curious profession. I have been privileged to conduct many of these, and the Foundation (as part of its educational initiative) has now made them available online. Visit the website here — but be ready to spend a lot of time there, because most of these interviews are between two and three hours long! So far, I’ve done songwriters Alan and Marilyn Bergman; and composers Bruce Broughton, Bill Conti, Danny Elfman, Dave Grusin, Maurice Jarre, Laurence Rosenthal and Lalo Schifrin. (Others feature such giants as Patrick Doyle, Johnny Mandel, Van Alexander and Richard Sherman.) Three more interviews are scheduled for the first quarter of 2016.

Interviewing Marilyn & Alan Bergman

The latest in our series of video “oral histories” with film-music luminaries: a lengthy, genuinely in-depth interview with Oscar-winning lyricists Marilyn and Alan Bergman at their home in Beverly Hills. This was, like most of the others, for the Film Music FoundationM&ABergmanFMFint. We delved not only into their lives and careers but into their philosophy about lyric writing, for films and otherwise. Stories about everything from In the Heat of the Night to “Windmills of Your Mind” to Yentl. A memorable afternoon.