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Harry Gregson-Williams profile

In the summer of 2010, Harry Gregson-Williams had two new films coming out: Prince of Persia, which was a better score than a movie, and Shrek Forever After, the last of the big-screen Shrek films (and Harry’s sixth Shrek project for DreamWorks). It was a great excuse to revisit his entire career for the Los Angeles Times, including new interviews with several producer and director collaborators including Jerry Bruckheimer, Mike Newell, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Tony Scott.

Hans Zimmer on “Thin Red Line”

This was very possibly my first interview with Hans Zimmer. At the time, he was in the middle of The Prince of Egypt and — to my mind, one of his most thoughtful and evocative scores — The Thin Red Line. I couldn’t get Terence Malick on the phone (no surprise) but I did get Jeffrey Katzenberg and Red Line producer Grant Hill. And lots of quotable quotes from Hans, of course.