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The Hans Zimmer Bond exclusive

This writer — the author of The Music of James Bond — was proud to supply Variety with the world exclusive that composer Hans Zimmer is scoring the new 007 film, No Time to Die. I placed a lot of calls to sources on both sides of the Atlantic to lock down as many details as possible. The sad part was having to report, also for the first time, that Dan Romer, director Cary Fukunaga’s original choice as composer (they collaborated on Beasts of No Nation and Maniac), had been fired after months of working on the film. Zimmer joined the Bond team in early December; the Oscar winner is, of course, a veteran of action franchises from Pirates of the Caribbean to the Dark Knight films.

Dan Romer, “Beasts of No Nation”

JBwithDanRomerSCLThe new Netflix film Beasts of No Nation has already been acclaimed as a riveting, sometimes tough-to-watch chronicle of an African boy trained as a soldier in a rebel army. Last night, after a Society of Composers & Lyricists screening of Cary Fukunaga’s film, I had the pleasure of interviewing composer Dan Romer (whose other well-known film, 2012’s Beasts of the Southern Wild, also dealt with a child in dire circumstances). Romer spoke eloquently and candidly about the challenges of creating music that didn’t suggest the locale or push the emotions, but subtly reflected the boy’s confusion and occasional horror.