Released by Intrada

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Liner Notes

Intrada billed this as “the greatest single assemblage of composers in TV history,” and they may well have been correct. I wrote all the notes for this three-volume, six-CD collection of truly wondrous scores for the sadly forgotten, very underrated (although admittedly uneven) NBC anthology series produced by Steven Spielberg (1985-87). Volume 1 contains John Williams, James Horner, Bruce Broughton, Georges Delerue, Billy Goldenberg, David Shire, Danny Elfman and Lennie Niehaus. Volume 2 adds Jerry Goldsmith, David Newman, Craig Safan, Arthur Rubinstein, John Addison, Johnny Mandel, Leonard Rosenman and Thomas Newman to the mix. Volume 3 adds Alan Silvestri, Michael Kamen, Fred Steiner, Pat Metheny and more Williams.